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Wine Bottles

(in-person and virtual)

Conference Keynote Speaker or Host 

An experienced, energetic speaker or host adds excitement to your conference, which means that attendees will get more out of your program as a result. Brian has spoken at conferences all over the United States, and his fun, approachable, knowledgeable style sets the perfect tone no matter what your guests are there to learn. 

Personal Sommelier Services

Private sommelier services for your top-level clients and executives. Brian will review a current collection and make recommendations for (and, if desired, source) the wines that should be added, or lay out a plan for a brand-new collection.



Wine ands Spirit Tastings for Corporate and Private Clients 

Brian will host a fun, educational, and interactive tasting for your group. All events are fully customizable, can focus on specific wine regions, grape varieties, styles, etc., or any beer or spirit of your choice. Brian will handle all of the logistics, from ensuring that the bottles are successfully sent to your guests, working within your set budget, and arranging for food pairings (chocolate, cheese, charcuterie, and more), if desired.

Restaurant Wine List / Beverage Program Overhaul

Creation of a new wine list or beverage program (including beers, cocktails, and back bar), as well as staff training on the specifics of the program, service standards, etc.; or remedying an existing wine list or beverage program to maximize profit margins. This service includes working with the chef, back of house, and front of house teams to ensure that the beverages work well in the context of the food, in particular and the restaurant concept in general.

Holiday Parties and Corporate Outings

In the office or at an outside venue of your choice. Brian’s distinct lack of pretension sets the mood for a holiday party your employees and clients will never forget.

Large Group Wine / Beverage Dinners

Brian will host the evening, select the wines, coordinate the pairings with the restaurant or catering chef, and work with the staff to ensure that the event flows flawlessly. In addition to addressing the group as a whole, Brian will interact with each table individually, ensuring that guests not only have a great time, but have their questions answered, too.

Corporate Sommelier Services

When the time comes to remind your clients or employees that you appreciate their loyalty during the holiday season, Brian takes the guess work out of selecting the perfect wines, beers, or spirits. Accompanying materials can also be developed to supplement the gift of the bottle.

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